At a hauntingly beautiful vigil service at Exeter Cathedral on Holy Saturday night - Alfie Ward (14) was confirmed by the Bishop of Plymouth along with sixteen other candidates from Devon.

Alfie was accompanied and supported by lots of family members who were obviously very proud.  The liturgy started outside in the precinct with the lighting of the Easter fire and the vigil readings from the Old Testament. During the candlelit service Alfie was invited to stand by the cathedral font and re-affirm his baptism along with the others.  Though the service was two hours long and finished around 10pm people seemed oblivious to the time and left rested, refreshed and inspired. During Lent Alfie has studied some big themes around Christianity with Father Daniel, including who is Jesus and what does it mean to be part of a worldwide Church? Alfie has incredible Scriptural knowledge and will no doubt have many gifts to offer God's Church.